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Dental Disruptors Episode #4 with Chad Levin, CEO of 7 Digit Dental Marketing – Dental SEO Expert

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (00:01):
All right. It looks like we are live. Happy Friday, my friends. You’ve got Adam Marburger in the house. You’ve got my better looking half max zin in the house, and we’re the dental disruptors. And what we like to do is we like to bring education knowledge. We like to celebrate people that are winning. We like to talk about the industry and we’re just trying to bring knowledge. And so this is episode number four and we have a very special guest today. We have a gentleman we’ve actually done a little business with. He’s very, very, very sharp, very, very excited to have Chad Levin on the show with seven digit dental marketing. So Hir, before we bring him on, max, it’s nice to have you back in the United States.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (00:46):
I know

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (00:48):

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (00:48):
Current podcast that we’re doing in the same time zone

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (00:53):
Working with you has been, it’s been fun. I’ll say there’s no dull moments with you, but that time zone change, sometimes I want to call you and it’s like 4:00 AM where you’re at, but I’m glad you’re in the state. So how long are you going to be here, max

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (01:12):
Till the 20th. In and out. 10 days. Because we’re going to Las Vegas. We’re speaking on the subject of dental warranties at a conference, and this is the primary reason why I came to the States to do this speech with you and then to go back to Spain.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (01:34):
Well, I’m glad you’re here. I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with you next week, my friend. And why don’t we do this? Let’s bring in our good friend, Chad, shall we?

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (01:44):
All right. So good doing. Hey, Chad.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (01:50):
Happy Friday, brother.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (01:52):
Happy Friday.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (01:54):
Where are you out of the world today?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (01:57):
Actually, I am in Columbia, south America. I have some dentists down here that focus on medical tourism, so I’ve been traveling around seeing clients on the USA now I’m doing my South America tour. And it’s really interesting because marketing’s a little bit different than it will be for a dentist back in the USA with the medical tourism. Obviously you’re marketing for people here in Latin America and also in the USA, but it’s more of a package. So people come down to see South America to visit and see the sight and sounds, get their medical work or their dental work done, and then they have checkups and it’s a whole package. It’s very interesting actually. Yeah. Yeah.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (02:45):
It’s Columbia. Columbia,

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (02:46):
American doctors.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (02:49):
There’s some American doctors or some Colombian doctors or some doctors from all around the world that are doing this. Yeah,

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (02:56):
Fantastic. Columbia does not sound like a crappy place to be right now. So good for you, my friend. So hey, let’s start with this, Chad, I got to meet you several months ago, and our relationship started strictly business, and it’s one of those things that I do business with a lot of people that make a lot of promises and a lot of those promises are never kept, but you went above and beyond and knocked it out of the park with us. So I’m grateful for our business relationship. I’m grateful that you’re here with us today. Why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about you, your products and services that you bring to the market and how you got to where you are today. If you don’t mind, Chad, starting it out.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (03:39):
Thank you so much for the compliments, by the way. Yeah. So seven Digit Dental marketing is an award-winning dental marketing agency and dental SEO experts since 2007. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, and I know that a lot of agencies don’t do what they say they’re going to do or they don’t perform. So we have a lot of guarantees here. We ever guarantee that if you don’t see your local SEO results increase in the first 30 days, I will refund the money and I never have had to give a refund. I must be doing something right here. Dentists, let’s say it’s a single practice, they’ll get 55 to 75 leads per month, and out of that they’ll have 30 new patients start care. And that’s a big deal because they’re adding $240,000 a month to their revenue stream. And that’s not even counting higher end services like dental implants, veneers, that’s just a general dentistry, general mark of a lifetime value of $8,000.

So we have dentists that focus in general dentistry. We have celebrity dentists in Manhattan that are only focused with famous rappers or famous singers, and they only do porcelain veneers. We have dentists in Louisville, Kentucky that are doing strictly dental implant. It’s all over the board. So that 55 to 75 leads per month is really a general number. We’ve had dentists like in Winter Haven, Florida, get 120 leads per month with the same budget. But the overall goal is to build trust because for me, it’s not about the money, it’s about helping people out. There’s plenty of money out there. I love to build trust, I love to see people smile. And I also love the fact that, well, I’m sorry, I don’t like the fact of doing sales all the time. I don’t like the churn of doing sales. So I’d rather have happy long-term clients that we can work together and I perform the way they want me to perform and they get a ton of new business.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (05:52):
Love it. I like the business model. That’s a sound business model, my friend.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (05:56):
Yeah, it it’s important that you have a company that actually performs, because I’ve been there, I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve been in other people’s shoes because when I was 20 years old, I started a health insurance brokerage in my parents’ house. And my dad says to me, how the heck are you going to make money working upstairs in your bedroom? And that first year I made $35,000 working in my bedroom selling health insurance. The next year we broke six figures because the website was ranking at the top of Google above Aetna, blue Cross, United Healthcare for keywords like health insurance quotes, individual health insurance. So here I’m right. So here I’m 21 years old, breaking six figures, working on my dad’s, working on my parents’ house in the bedroom. And I hired many SEO companies before that to help try to help me, and they never figured it out. So I successfully taught myself how to do SEO. I made a six figure business in less than a year. It became the third largest online health insurance brokers in the country less than a year. And I sold it when the healthcare reform went through because the commissions went from 25% on two or 3%. So since then I made a digital marketing company, and today it’s known as seven digit Dental marketing.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (07:21):
Love it. So Chad, question for you, how popular, how prevalent is SEO among dentists? Is that something that every dental practice does or uses a company like yours or some of them are not there yet?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (07:42):
It’s extremely important and it’s extremely prevalent because when people come from searching on Google, they have the highest intent. They have the absolute highest intent. It’s not like when people see your ads on Google or on Facebook or on YouTube or TikTok or whatever it is these days, that’s more of phishing in a pond and they’re like, oh, I saw this. Maybe I’ll go check it out. But when people are actually searching dental implants Manhattan or cosmetic dentistry, or to get a tooth pool for an emergency dental visit that has the absolute highest intent and those people are going to come in.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (08:25):
But is there a lot of competition for you? A lot of dental practices use SEO companies or not.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (08:34):
There is an absolute ton of competition and it’s actually saturated. This is why I guarantee my work and our clients see local SEO rankings increase in their first 14 days, and they’re usually on page one within the first 30 to 90 days, if not number one at that time.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (08:55):
Well, you got us on page one within 30 days. I know that firsthand.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (09:03):
And you know what the best part about that? That is a national campaign. It’s not even a local campaign, which usually takes at least a year or six months for people, and you guys weren’t ranking for anything.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (09:13):
So what we’re trying to say here, Chad, is you’re kind of a big deal. People know you. All right, so I got a question. So there’s three of us on this call and there are three of us that are all bestselling authors, which I think that’s cool. So a little birdie told me you just released a new book and it hit number one on day one. Why don’t you tell us about it? Look at that. I got the book.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (09:39):
So the book is the number one secret to dental SEO, and it’s for the growth focused dentist. I basically sat on that book for three years before releasing it. I didn’t trust anybody with the information, but now it is available for anybody to go and do exactly what I do for SEO. Obviously, it’s a little bit different when you work with me because I have the secret resources that are released in the book at my fingertips, which can take other people years to find those resources. I mean, I can tell you what the number one secret to SEO is if you want to hear it. Sure.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (10:19):
Alright, bring it.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (10:20):
So the number one secret to dental SEO is this, if you have a dental practice website, which you do, let’s say to New York, you need other dental practice websites to link back to your website. That’s the way Google was built. They can never get away from it. It’s kind of like a referral. So the thing is, is that to find those resources pretty difficult, but because I work with so many dentists, I have it at my fingertips like this. So when we have a new client come on board, let’s say in New York City, your dental practice is not competition with a dental practice in California. So we will call our clientele and say, Hey, look, we have a new dentist in New York City, or you going to link back to the website? And most of ’em say yes because they understand the process. We’ve already helped ’em how we help you or are going to help you.

And there we go. So within 14 days, the rankings increased within 30 to 90 days, you’re on page one, if not number one. In addition to that, when you include paid media like Google Ads, you’re also being found for the keywords that you want to rank for. So it’s helping your SEO and you’re bringing more people to the website. The third part in this whole scenario of your dream funnel to get new financially qualified patients is to have remarketing, which then your ads are shown on, I don’t know, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, all over the internet. Kind of like when somebody goes to Amazon and they see the ads all over, which makes you seem like the number one dentist, which you are the number one dentist. You deserve these new patients to come to your office. So anyway, the point of the matter is you have a full rotation of ads and SEO people see your ads for up to a year. Those ads can say, Hey, come to our office to make an appointment. You didn’t make an appointment. Come in for your follow-up appointment or come in for different services like dental implants, veneers, whatever it is, whatever it is. And of course, ask for more referrals. It’s great for branding. This is how people get 30 new patients a month, 60 new patients a month, whatever it may be.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (12:32):
Love it.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (12:33):
So another question. So let’s assume that Adam is a dentist and he has an office in this zip code,

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (12:41):
Dr. Marburger. I like the sound of it. Call me Dr. Marburger please.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (12:46):
Right. So Dr. Marburger has a practice in this zip code and he happens to be your client and then Dr. Zan calls you and says, Hey Chad, I’d like to hire you, but we both happen to be in the same zip code. Would you compete with yourself? And at that point,

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (13:09):
No, no. I would actually ask you what your specialties are and what you would like to focus on. So I actually have this in New York, very, very common. So let’s say there are two dentists in the same zip code. The one dentist only wants clients for portion of veneers. They don’t want anything else. They’ve been doing this for a long time. They are actually a celebrity dentist during people’s songs and everything. The other dentist wants general dentistry. The thing about dentists during their lifetime as a dentist, they go through different stages. So you have a dentist that’s just starting out and they need to brand more. They need to do different things than a dentist that’s been doing this for 30 years, which is more comfortable because they already have their clientele. They can now start to specify in certain advanced services or add new services. So that’s really a lot of growth stages. Now, if we did have two dentists that want to do the same thing in the same zip code, which is kind of rare because there’s thousands of dentists and thousands of zip codes. But I really only ever had that happen once, and I got lucky in the fact that I ended to turning the one away because it was very specific one those things.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (14:33):
I’m curious. So let’s pretend, let’s go back as I like the idea of me being Dr. Marger here. So let’s say I found you online, I checked your resources and references on you. They checked out and I call you up. I say, Hey Chad, I suck at SEO. I already know I want to hire you. Give me your pricing. What’s my contract with you? What does that look like? Once we agree to do a business together, what does it look like? What does that relationship look like? After I say yes, what are some of those next steps? What would a doctor expect immediately after doing business with you? What does that look like?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (15:11):
That’s a fantastic question. I love it because nobody wants to waste time waiting. That’s not what we do. So what happens is after we talk, I send you my book for free. I send you our agreement, we get it signed, we get everything taken care of. That takes about two or three emails, and then we get everything set up within five to 10 business days. Immediately within those first 14 days, you see results in the SEO rankings, the paid media ads start running for your specific services and there are new patients coming in. They’re calling, and then we will have a meeting once every month, twice every month to review everything that’s coming in. And I will actually review all the leads that came in to make sure they came in for the services that you want to deliver or they were financially qualified or that they actually showed up.

Because it’s not just about getting leads, it’s about making sure that people show up at your office, they receive dental treatment, all those things. So we do have a work process. We been doing this for a long time, so we have a work process to submit and evaluate, submit and evaluate, submit and evaluate every single month because every website reacts differently. Every Google my business reacts differently. Everything reacts differently. Every zip code reacts differently. So it’s important for me to be confident in what I do because at times there could be changes and things fall back, but then a week later they come back stronger than they ever were before. And that’s kind of jumpy in my heart to be like, oh my goodness, we’ve been doing this. Things moved up 50% in one month and then I had to make this change. I know it’s going to be for the better, but now we’re down 35%, but 15 days, 10 days later, we’re up 75%. It’s like the stock market, but that’s what you got to do. I’m actually in the midst of that with one of my biggest clients right now. I’m kind of jumping out of my seat, but I know that five days from now, this test is going to explode their rankings higher than ever were before because I just did it with my own website.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (17:34):
Okay. And would you say that your are mostly fee for service dentists or in-network dentists or it doesn’t matter?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (17:45):
It really depends on the location. In New York City, there’s a lot of fee for service because there’s so many different insurances. Then you also have a place like California where healthcare is very available for anybody, but there’s a variance, and I do ask that question, are you accepting PPOs? For example, in Chicago, it’s mostly PPOs. Nobody wants to accept the HMO there. We even have companies practices in Chicago that focus on public aid because they’re a new practice and they accept everything. So they want to start with that public aid. They want to start bringing new clientele, they want everything, but they also understand there’s a value for some of those public aid patients to come in to get more referrals and stuff like that. So that’s not for every dentist, obviously, but there’s also those people that they just want to do general dentistry. I have a client down in Austin, Texas, and they just want to do general dentistry and that guy’s close to retiring. So there’s a big mix. There’s a huge mix.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (18:58):
What I want to know is I want to know a little more personal, Chad, so let’s pretend for a minute that you’re being forced to take a month off work. You’re being told you’re not allowed to work. Okay, so what are you going to do? So you got 30 days to go do anything. What are you doing in those 30 days?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (19:20):
I’ll tell you what, I love to travel. I’ve been to 40 countries and I would love to go back to Thailand, love to go back to Spain. There’s some places I have not been. I’ve actually not been traveling much this year because my business seven to the dental marketing has increased by 10 times in January alone. So yeah, I would love to do that. I love cooking. I like to focus more on the same foods, what the countries I just mentioned. Yeah, I would definitely like to go to the gym more because definitely gained some weight in the past few months after working so much. But it is what it is. I love to travel. I love to be at the beach. I definitely need a tant. I definitely need that. It’s definitely missing. So I would say kind of like the Jersey Shore guys, Jim Beach, tan Laundry, right? Let’s go.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (20:15):
Hey, cabs are here. Well, that’s good. Travel’s fun. So you need to go see, you probably got a place to stay in Spain. I mean, I know a guy.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (20:29):

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (20:33):
Let me ask you this. Would you say your clientele is younger or older, or everybody by now understands the benefits of SEO?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (20:45):
Well, the average dentist is over 30 years old anyway, so I would say the single practice dentist or dentists that have maybe two or three practices, they’re in their forties, mid forties. The startups are in their thirties and the DSOs, they’re more in their fifties, sixties. So we work with a few DSOs. You have a DS O down in Florida, one in Las Vegas, one in California. Yeah. I mean, look, I’ve been working since I was 10 years old, floating trucks down in South Philly for my family’s business. We were all in the produce business. I can talk with anybody, I can relate to anybody. I’m turning 40 next year, but secretly I’m staying 25. So I’m more than happy to talk with anybody. I love talking with everybody. I love learning about other people’s experiences in life, not just talking about dentistry. The other day, I was actually talking to my client in Louisville, and I’ve never been in Louisville.

I have no idea what’s there. So I said, so he told me a lot of this day I was on vacation. So what’s there to do there? You have some rivers, some lakes, some ponds. Yeah, we go here, we got. So it was great to know that there’s plenty of things to do no matter where you live. There’s plenty of ways to be happy. For me, happiness is, I love to do a lot of meditation. When people meet me, they don’t really believe that I’m from Philadelphia, but I am. I have a more calm demeanor. But yeah, just it’s what it’s, I hope that answered your question. I forgot what that question was at this point.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (22:35):
I do a lot of business in Philly, and it’s a pretty aggressive market, to say the least. And I’m really big into meditation. And you just said something Louisville. So the one thing you can do in Kentucky, max, this might excite you. It’s like the bourbon capital of the world. That’s right. You’ve got all the good stuff there, my friend.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:00):
It’s the Napa Valley of Bourbon.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (23:07):
What’s your favorite bourbon?

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (23:10):
Woodford Reserve? For me, I like Jefferson Reserve, but I really like Woodford. I really like Woodford.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:15):
Double barrel.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (23:16):
Double barrel.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:17):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, good choice.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (23:19):
So you guys are probably going to laugh and call me a woman after this, but I love me some bullet bourbon with some ginger ale.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (23:25):
I like bullet.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:26):
I like bullet, but ginger ale,

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (23:28):
It’s delicious. It’s

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:30):
Delicious. Sugar ale

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (23:33):
Or maybe like ginger beer. I don’t know. Something like that.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:38):
What’s the ratio? 50 50.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (23:41):
I’m not a bartender, I’m a cook.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (23:49):
Let me ask you this, Chad, now that like Adam said, we do work with you and by now you definitely know what is it that we do, right? And from the perspective of the dental warranty, would that be helpful for an SEO for a dental practice?

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (24:10):
So it’s helpful in patient acquisition, and that is the most important because the people that are coming from my marketing campaigns, you have to help them to buy. I mean, anyone in life you have to help them to buy. And your dental warranty helps people to buy. So someone’s coming in, let’s just call it dental implants for now because that’s the most, anyway, so someone comes in for a dental warranty. The dental warranty is 15% of the cost of the program. It’s baked into the cost. They can then come in for five years to get that dental implant fixed, which is unheard of. In addition, the patient has to come in every six months, which increases the revenue for the dentist. So that one patient that may have only spent, let’s call it $5,000 on a dental implant, has now come in for multiple more things. They have to keep their warranty intact every six months for a cleaning, a whitening, more dental implants, and their recurring business is worth more now to you than what it was. In addition, on all the dental warranty, there’s return and premium. And from what I understand, it’s tax shelter.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (25:24):
I’m sold. You just sold me on the program.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (25:27):
But here’s the thing. That’s all I know about it. I dunno. Anything else else about it?

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (25:35):
Adam? This is pretty good.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (25:37):
It is good. So that is really, I’m very impressed. So we’ve got time for another question to piece. So my final question is this. I’m a psycho for entrepreneurship and I can tell you are, we’re all entrepreneurs. I know what I would tell my 20-year-old self, my 30-year-old self, my 20-year-old self, that would be a completely different conversation than the 30-year-old self. I’m a little bit older, not much older, but I’ll turn 44 this year. So Chad, what I want to know is you’re very successful in, I’m sure you’ve made some mistakes. I mean, I know you’re close to perfect, but I’m pretty sure made some mistakes. What would you tell Chad 10 years ago about the business that you’re in, the business world, what would you tell him? Just from a general standpoint in business and entrepreneurship,

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (26:29):
Niche down, niche down as far as we possibly can because when you do that, you learn your audience faster than you ever could by not niching down,

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (26:43):
Niche down,

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (26:44):
And you start to learn the lingo, you start to understand the attitude of different people.

It helps you every way in business. And I think writing a book is huge. There’s some clout with writing a book, be like, oh my God, I’m talking to an author, not only an author, a bestselling author, and to write a book. When you write it, give it to 10 people for free and make sure that they understand what you’re talking about. Because you have to give your book to somebody that knows nothing about what you do, and they have to understand it a hundred percent for you to be able to release it. Okay, so yeah, niche down. I’m actually talking with one of our friends right now, Gary, about this. Gary wants to niche down to podiatrist. I think it’s podiatrist. Those are the people that work in their legs and

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (27:37):

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (27:38):
Yeah, yeah.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (27:40):
That’s great. I just took notes on that, Chad. That’s brilliant advice, Mitch, that’s brilliant advice. Thank you for answering that question.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (27:50):
It may hurt at first and niche down, but down the road you’ll be thanking yourself for the rest of your life.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (27:56):
Yeah, max, I’ll let you, God knows what Max is going to ask. So gracious. We’ll let Max ask the final question.

Max Zanan – Dental Protection Group (28:05):
No, it just talking about niching down, right? Three of us here doing exactly that, right. We are actually, all three of us are specialists in a very unique area of business, and I agree with you, the more of a specialist you are, the less competition you have because there are a lot of generalists, but there are very few specialists, and when it hits the fan, a generalist will never be able to help you.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (28:45):
No. Especially when you are doing amazing things in your field and people respect that, and they also understand the value and the cost of that. There’s plenty of people that do SEO in this world. They went on Udemy, they basically took a class for a certificate for six months. Now they know how to do SEO. No, they don’t. They’ve never owned their own business and grew it the way that we have. That’s what bugs me the most because those people drive the cost down and they drive the value down. And then when you present your business to people, they have to understand your value and understand who you are and what you’re about.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (29:29):
Amen to that. Absolutely. Well said, well said. I’ll tell you what, this has been a really good conversation, and Chad, if you’re good with this, we’d love to have you back on maybe a couple months down the road just to kind of see how far you’re growing. I know this book here is going to do some crazy things for you. I know you’re going to be crazy busy, but we just can’t thank you enough for what you do for our company. Thank you for our second. Thank you for coming on and providing value. I mean, max and I, we decided to do this from a selfish standpoint. We decided to do it so we can learn more. We love to learn. Max and I are reading, we’re sponges. We’re in a new market, dental is a new industry, and we’re fascinated by it. So just bringing folks on like yourself and just pouring into us and giving us this education is true blessing. So we can’t thank you enough. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for bringing the value today, and we’ll be talking to you sooner than later, my friend. How can people reach you? Follow you? Where’s your social medias? How do people get ahold of you if they want to talk business or just get to know you a little bit better? If you don’t mind sharing that real quick.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (30:37):
First off, you’re very welcome and thank you very much for your business. You can reach me@sevendigitdental.com. Phone number is eight eight eight eight eight five zero two one three seven. You can buy the book on Amazon. You can call me and get the book for free. You can call me and talk me about whatever you want. I don’t mind. We can also search seven digit dental marketing. There’s plenty of reviews online or search Chad Levin Dental, SEO expert, because you know where to find me.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (31:11):
Amen. All right, well, good stuff. We appreciate you, brother.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (31:14):
Thank you. This

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (31:15):
Was a great show. We’ll talk to you sooner than later. Talk to you sooner than later, my friend. Have a great day today.

Chad Levin – 7 Digit Dental Marketing (31:20):
You too.

Adam Marburger – Dental Protection Group (31:21):
Take care, guys. Yep, max. That will.


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